Elizabeth Carll participated in a side event for 2015 World Mental Health Day in Geneva which addressed Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which was organized by the NGO Forum for Health in Geneva.  She also attended the global mental health action plan meetings organized by WHO. At these events she represented the International Council of Women and the NGO Committee on Mental Health.  As background, she mentioned that the Global Mental Health and NCDs initiative was established in 2011, when she served as chair of the NGO Committee on Mental Health and attended the 2011 UN High Level meeting on NCDs.  Dr. Carll was concerned there was no mention of mental health issues with regard to NCDs and realized that this needed to be addressed. She networked with other organizations and a partnership was established with the NGO Forum for Health in Geneva, as they had similar interests and goals.  With ongoing advocacy, they were successful in having paragraph 5 included in the 2014 UN Outcome Document of the High Level Review on NCDs, which addressed the importance of mental health factors and the WHO Mental Health Action Plan.  This past year the CMH Global Mental Health and NCD Initiative, which has been coordinated by Elizabeth Carll, evolved into the CMH Global Mental Health and NCDs Working Group convened by Elizabeth Carll.  This CMH working group will continue to advocate for the inclusion and implementation of mental health information and services in policies pertaining to NCDs.