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Current Interns

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Shenae Osborn, MA

Shenae Osborn graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in Kinesiology. Soon after she obtained in Health Administration but after her travels and life experiences realized she wanted to make a positive global impact and decided on obtaining a Masters in Social Work.  As a graduate research assistant with Dr. Forgey at Fordham University, Shenae has had the opportunity to assist in a literature review and meetings focused on international military social work across the globe.  She is also very involved with the NGO Committee on the Indigenous Peoples. Shenae has co-authored two book chapters in the upcoming book Behavioral Science in the Global Arena: Addressing Timely Issues at the United Nations and Beyond (International Psychology)- Volume 2 and is now a co-editor of the second volume. Shenae's abstract "The Unseen Abuses" was accepted for a poster and lightning talk presentation at the 2020- 78th Annual International Council of Psychologist Conference where she won a peer-judged international award. Shenae enjoys collaboration and bringing minds and efforts together to make a greater global impact and is eager to learn from experts in the field as she hopes to focus her career in international and community policy work with an emphasis on women, children, mental health, welfare, and the contribution of technology. Recently, Shenae has been appointed as an International Federation of Social Workers New York Representative to the United Nations.


Julie Gagnon, BA

Julie Gagnon is a French-Canadian student currently enrolled in a Master of Public Health program in an international program at the French National School of Public Health (EHESP). In 2014, Julie graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Theatre for Personal and Community Development combined with psychology, giving her excellent skills in teamwork, communication, and creative problem-solving. From 2014 to 2016, Julie sensitized 19,000 people on the topic of youth depression and it became apparent that mental health access and quality care are essential and basic human rights. In order to reach these objectives in communities internationally, policy advocacy is a means to promote and bring about change in health systems and fight stigma related to mental illness.


As an intern within the NGO Committee of Mental Health, Julie wishes to acquire professional skills in research for policy drafting, policy development, and advocacy as well as continue to expand the conversation surrounding mental health on a
global scale. 

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Sofia Wittman

Sofia Wittmann is an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont pursuing a degree in Global and Environmental Studies. Before studying in Burlington, she co-founded and directed a non-profit organization focused on youth mental health expansion and suicide prevention. Sofia is passionate about addressing inequities in mental health infrastructure and resources in both smaller communities and around the world. She hopes to continue to work within policy development and build meaningful conversation and collaboration, both as an intern within the NGO Committee on Mental Health and through a career promoting mental health services among at-risk communities.

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